Rythm Guitar/Vocals

About Me:

I got started playing guitar with a friend of mine(Scott-e-boy) Then joined his band Modern Chaos. We played all original music. I did that for about two years, when I met Steve (Lead guitar) We quickly became friends and decided to start our own band.

After a few let downs, looking for drummers, we met Bruce(drummer) Things just started clicking. We've been doing this going on 13 years, and it's still a blast to take the stage with these guys every weekend. We've gained alot of friends and family along the way. I was once asked by my daughter how long I thought I'd be in a band. My answer was until I'm no longer having fun. and that hasn't happened yet.


Ltd ESP,Jackson Stelth ex,Schector(Diamond Series) Omon 6 Ovation

Mesa Boogie (Triple Rectifier) Mesa 4x12 cab, Crate Blue Voodoo with 4x12 cab

Favorite Bands:
Anything but country

Rocking out on the weekends and spending time with my wife and kids!!

Dis Likes:
Lazy people, and drama filled people